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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Long Time No Post

That's because i have a job now and i'm working from 8 - 5 daily. the best thing about my job is that i have internet access! and as a result, i've updated my YouTube page with plenty of videos, uploaded some strange and funny pictures to my page on basicly that's what i've been doing for tha last two months, spending hour and hours surfing the net, checking e-mails, posting stuff on forums and so on, with some work in between, i think this is happening because i'm the only Kuwaiti in my work! yes, i'm working in a private company where the majority are foreigners, with a few arabic nationals here a and there, and i'm trying desperately to get them to give me some work to do, or ask them if i could help with anything, but they keep telling me "we'll let you know if we need anything" , i don't want to be a Stereotypic Kuwaiti who goes to work just to read newspapers and drink tea/coffee all day, but that's what i'm doing right now and i hate it. I hope this will change in the days to come, i really hope so. untill then, keep checking the links on your left as they are constantly updated weth new content!