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Friday, September 08, 2006

George W Bush resources

Stupidest George W. Bush Quotes text might be blocked so try to access it via a proxy video clips famous clips

Mistaken did you make any mistake Mr. President?

Colbert roast of Bush 24 min google video

first video of Bush getting the bad news of 9/11 Milk & Cookies page of Bush clips and animations

many Bush clips from C-Span

student asking Bush about education

collection of clips

some clips of him doing some presidential stuff

more clips and animations of Bush

pictures and videos of Bush from FunPic

video of Bush saying Hizbollah should stop this shit !! (G8 Summit)

Jon Stewart jokes about Bush swearing Colbert jokes about Bush swearing CNN's report about the incident

BBC's report about it

Bush trapped in China video

debate between Bush & Bush video Bush speechless video Bush Drunk video Bush's debate with a rapper video Bush doing his own rapping video double bush video Bush and Hitler pic Bush at Yale University pic portrait of Bush pic that's all for now .. he's a source of humor , i like him !!!


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