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Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Trip to Australia & Thailand

I'm soo lazy these days, i took 2420 pictures with 7 Gigs of videos during the 26 days i spent between Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne and Goldcoast, but i'm so lazy i only uploaded Bangkok pictures, check the link below.. now, about my trip.. the weather was fine, raining most of the time in Bangkok & Australia, but i like it that way, a bit of raining now, then sunshine all day, then raining again at night ! this was my first trip to Australia and i must say they are really nice and friendly, everybody we meet on the street was happy to help, you can stop any guy on the street and ask him about almost anything and he'll be happy to help youm weather it's about street names, bus schedule or anything you may need, those people are polite, civilised and friendly like i said.. as for Thailand, i've been there once in 2000 just for 3 of 4 days (i can't remember exactly) so i can't remember going placec in Bangkok or seeing things there, but this time i spent 9 days there, went to many places all within Bangkok, i went to the Safari World, where you drive your car near animals like African safari, and they had some shows there, like the seals & dolphins show, the elephant show and other stuff . i also visited the Rose Garden, which is a famous park in Bangkok, or outside Bangkok to be precise, nice quite place with flowers and birds, relaxing atmoshpere, clean air and tasty food !! in the rose garden there were a cultural show about Thai history and tradishion, i got it all recorded and because it's a huge file i'll try to upload it along with other videos i took on Google.Videos . now, to see the pictures i took in Bangkok, please click here. more pictures and videos about Australia to come later.


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