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Friday, May 23, 2008

Volodia [song]

Volodia Teitelboim Volosky (March 17, 1916 - January 31, 2008) was a Chilean lawyer, politician and author. Born in Chillán (400km south of the capital Santiago) to Jewish immigrants (Ukrainian father and Moldovian mother), Teitelboim was interested in literature from an early age. He finished high school (as well as served in the Communist Youth starting at age sixteen), then began his studies in the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile, where at graduation he presented his superior thesis “The Dawn of Capitalism - The Conquest of America.” This song is about him and about capitalism and "neocolonialism" , for a translated version of it's lyrics click here. to see a video about this song click here. and to download this song click here. (I first heard the song on a russian tv channel and liked it, so i looked for it on the net and gathered this info about it) .. Enjoy the song.


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